Mirai Nikki Photoshoot♥

This was the first shoot i did where i was a photographer and not just as a helper! (:
I have nothing but good memories from this shoot, so thank you to Wilson for inviting me along!
And also to Millie, Sharlie, Laura and Claire for putting up with my silly antics♥♥
Yukiteru Amano cosed by Sharlie,
Yuno Gasai cosed by Millie.
Much thanks to Laura and Claire for helping out in the latter part of the shoot/ being reflector stands!♥
Click on the photos to see them larger~!

Wilson and i split up while shooting, hence i mainly took photos with Sharlie, and he mainly has ones of Millie (: Also there was quite a bit of mucking around behind the scenes!

Hope you enjoyed looking at some of the photos!


One response

  1. So excited to see that you’re blogging Cate ❤ Pretty photos!!

    November 12, 2012 at 5:59 am

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