Tiger and Bunny: Barnaby Brooks Jr Photoshoot

Wow, this was a while ago!! 🙂 This was my first shoot with MinWilson invited me; and I’d never been on a night / early evening shoot before so this was really fun and new! It was also really nice to be able to practice using Wilson‘s reflector!
Min cosed Barnaby Brooks Jr
(Please click to see photos larger!)Image
(last photo edited by min)

We shot in the city, sadly now that this place is more popular / the shops have opened up it’s really hard to use now, especially because the security guards are really suspicious / don’t really approve of you taking photos in there ): But it was a really nice area to use when we did!
As always we had lots of fun during the shoot! (: Here is a tiny glimpse of what it looks like behind the camera ;D
To take the last photo in the above set i had to sit on the rail in the first photo below on the left, it was soooo uncomfortable ;u;;; but definitely worth it for the photo i got in the end! c:


(Also, Min hiding in shame from random ppl walking past xDD)
Much thanks to Wilson for inviting me, and Min for letting me take photos!


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