UtaPri: Ren Jinguuji

(Warning! Very Image-Heavy post!)
First solo shoot! 8)) *achievement unlocked* and… almost everything went wrong lol D:
Overall the shoot was fun, albeit slightly traumatizing, though i have learnt heaps from this!

Min cosed Ren Jinguuji

The beginning of the shoot was very successful! we went to a very pretty area and the photos were looking nice!
(edit by min)

But not long after we started, a guy came up behind us, and started going through our bags! When we realised he had ran off with mine ;u; .. I don’t really remember what i was thinking about when that happened because my first instinct was to run after him. In hindsight, this could have been really really dangerous, but of course i wasn’t thinking that at the time x_x After running down the street screaming after the guy, some guys in suits who were having coffee at a cafe a bit further on down got up, chased the guy across a major road and one decked him, the other got my bag back, with everything in it! (MY HEROES 8D)

Sadly, after running for quite a while after this guy my asthma flared up really badly, so in order to breathe i had to run away from the lovely people who were asking me if i was okay and if i wanted to call the police (which tbh, is not something i really wanted to do in the middle of a shoot, nor could i even remember what the guy looked like- i presume this is from being in shock or something..). Much thanks to whoever that person was who returned my lens hood tho, that was appreciated 8′)!

After crawling back to Min who stayed where we were shooting, we went to the chemist and bought some Ventolin  After a looong while, my lungs recovered a bit, and… we decided to continue!


The rest of the shoot was quite fun, which included lots of throwing paper off a ledge to imitate the scenes in the anime xD

(which also included some giving up when the paper really just wanted to fly into Min’s face rather than anywhere else);


After that, We headed over to the area we shot Barnaby for Min to costume change.


We quickly realised that the security guard was not-so approving of us shooting there, and moved on to another location (:

(edit by min)

Also, there were people from some photography studio, who after we left managed to stalk us part-way across the city and force us to move along from this area with some really annoying kids on skateboards >8(

Overall, i learnt quite a bit, especially, always, always have helpers, and always be aware of where your things are!

And now, some behind the scenes photos! (:

Min getting ready for the shoot *-*, the ohhh so pretty (but really heavy) saxophone, that Min dragged around all day! And also Min hiding from passer-by’s again xD


More make-up fixing, and having some fun with the saxophone when bored of posing LOL;;;;;

Hope you enjoyed this image-spam entry!


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