World is Mine: Miku and Kaito

Weee~ Really quick shoot that i did with Selby and Janey, wish it could’ve been longer but parents were being mean ;u;;
cosed Kaito
Janey cosed Miku

Initially we weren’t really sure where we were going to shoot, but we ended up finding a white wall and decided that would do! (: and if people walked past well.. “its a media project”


It was really fun working with these two, especially since they’re now really good friends of mine ;D ❤
And yeahh~ I wish i had more time for this shoot!! ;u;
Behind the scenes really occurred in the form of gifs (:

Well.. they were certainly having fun LOL ..;;

Yeah sure you can have some…lol nope! >DD (omg selby’s look of pure despairrrrr)

Thanks to both of you for letting me take photos with youuu~♥


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