Project K: Kuroh and Yashiro

Min cosed Kuroh Yatogami
Jill cosed Yashiro Isana
Nimue and Cayo as saikangs ❤
Sab was also there as a fellow photographer <33 (go visit her blog her stuff is srsly amazing!)
Edits by Min

Omgggg this day was way too hot for shooting idk what we were thinking x__x;;
We started off at the perth arena, but since we didn’t start shooting till mid afternoon the sun was very strong (damn australia ;A;)
This made the lighting quite terrible and harsh when not in the shade, so note for future reference to try doing shoots earlier, especially in the summer!
While we were at the arena Sab and i split up with us taking one coser with us, I took Jill and she took Min (:

After that we swapped!
I wish i could’ve got a pair shot on this ledge ;A;;;; but the sprinklers turned on when i was still shooting with min T__T;;;;;; And after it was too slippery and didn’t want to risk either of them slipping off and hurting themselves D8
Reflective glass *-***

Later we moved over to the area we shot macross/noiz (:
^This one is probably my fav from the whole shoot, ;w; everything looks so niceeee

Last time i did a pair shoot with these two i failed to get a nice shot of Min solo that she was happy with, hence this time i really tried to make sure i had nice solos of both of them! Although this failed a bit and the shoot ended up a bit one-sided (this is something i really need to work on for shoots that have more than one person, cuz it’s not fair obviously ;A; )  Also working on photos with 2+ ppl in them, and having ALL of their faces in focus :c

Some behind the scenes stuff (:
Jill trying to open min’s sword /and failing, but then again i couldn’t open it either ;A;;;

Cayo being er.. herself. 8)))))

Wind being a pain and blowing in the wrong direction ;A;;;; (and harsh sunlight omg)

Jilly fixing her makeup *u*
Taking a break and sitting down (since we were all sooooo dehydrated omg must remember to bring the water bottles out of the car next time x-x )

Min sewing her button back on after it escaped from her jacket *0* ./and being in character >D lol kuro you’re such a girl xD sewing and cookinggg

Thank you guys so much for letting me shoot with you again! (≧∇≦)/ ♥
I promise i will try to improve so the results are better next time!
Also thank you to the amazing saikangs cuz srsly without you guys shoots don’t happen ;A; <3333


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