Wai-con recap!

Omgggg okay so Wai-con was srsly amazing this year, i had so much fun!!
This is the first time i stayed in a hotel for a con and omggg it was so amazinggg ;-;;;;;;
I don’t think i could ever go back to being at home for it now xDD
The lack of sleep was painful, + my wisdom teeth sockets getting infected again but even that could not eclipse the awesome ppl i had for company so ❤ I got to see so many ppl that i hadn’t seen in agessss + met some new ppl! (Mark and Mel from Melbourne, it was so good to meet you! I do hope you guys come over for wai-con again!! ❤ )

In the afternoon, because our hotel was so close, we were able to walk over to the convention center and look around the pavillion (where ppl were setting up their stalls) and get our staff bandannas  Sadly, the lanyards didn’t come in time so all the volunteers / committee had bandannas and the general public had the paper wristband things.

On the friday night not all of us had piled into our massive hotel room, but the people who had where madly sewing (and hot gluing *-* ) and the ones who weren’t there already were either sewing at home or on their way to the hotel >D We trekked halfway across the city for food for the morning also, or we were all going to die from lack of sleep and food ;-;
Later on in the evening the rest of the ppl staying in our hotel arrived….and continued sewing ;A; idk how they did surviveddddd

Wilson and I had to get up earlier, as we were part of the media team, to meet up with the rest of the guys and chat and figure out what we were doing for the next two days! We survived on an up and go and V breakfast ./definitely not the healthiest thing, must remember to find actual food for breakfast next time z__z )

Caught up with Nikki right at the beginning of the con! ❤ (and dragged her after she got out of the line so i could have a photo before she had to put away her skateboard ;A;;;)
btw look at those eyebrows, ttly natural kkkkkkk yataaaaa <333 And you should ttly go fav this on dA here

I do admit during the day i didn’t really take enough photos ;-; and the ones i took in the theatre were…yeah not so good x_x
But that’s a lesson learnt for next time! TAKE PPL AWAY FOR SHOOTS >D Mainly because in the pavillion the lighting was sooooo bad D: permanent eyebags and shadows on faces for everyoneee ):
But i did get photos with some ppl~ ❤
The lovely sharlie (omg her costume was amazing and she won an award *u**** ./touches)(and go fav it here tooo)
Super pretty costumes on the mannequins *-** ❤

The stage set-up was suuuuuper nice!! like the lights and everything were wonderful ❤

Laura, Claire and Millie <33

Got some photos of Jill’s bananananananas (they gained faces later on >D )
and Jill, min and Giorgias table!
You guys srsly should have gone and bought stuff from them everything was like amazingggg <3333

My face was being such a pain tho, and since i didn’t want to go home i had to deal with it /atleast there were some painkillers around, so i did surviveeeeee. After leaving the con i went and curled up on the couch in the hotel for a nap ;-; When i got up, Mark and Mel were having a bedroom shoot in one of the rooms >D I was too tired and sleepy to do one originally but Min poked me until i did one for her Ren <333 WHICH I TTLY DON’T REGRET BECAUSE HER REN IS AMAZING OKAY <3333333

AHHHHHH <333 I’m sorry i love mins ren<3333 Go fav it here plz

Apparently every one else was hell sus cuz we closed the door and all they could hear was us giggling and stuffs so OTL;;; But then showed them the photos so everything was okay ;DD

Later on we went for foods and had korean BBQ <333 which was deliciousssss BUT TTLY NOT WORTH ALL THE COCKROACHES IN THE CITY OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ;A;;;; i hate cockroaches so much they are like… the worst thing EVERRRR sjhvbsdmvhbdjfhvbdjhvbjdhfbvdjhfbvjdhbvjdhbvf.

Anyways; Didn’t get much sleep that night! Nor did anyone else, everyone stayed up finishing their costumes and Min styled two wigs to be worn the next day *-**** (that hope wig was srsly so beautiful -touchesssss ;A; – )

omgggg got to sleep in <3333 Slightly! ;D I cosed Momoi from kuroko no basuke *w**** and i had an awesome kuroko (and others who came later in the afternoon (: ) After putting Momoi face n stuffs on i went over to the con, but most of the other people in our hotel room were still getting ready when i left!
my kuroko is so amazing ;w;;;; ❤ nikkkiiii ❤

Again i spent the day running around like crazy ./when i really shouldn’t have been omg x_x
I did have photos from the cos comp but yet again they didn’t really turn out well )))):

Mel and Jill ttly trolled all of us though, because before we saw them, we ttly thought Jill was Ranka and Mel was Sheryl, BUT IT WAS THE OTHER WAY AROUNDDDDDDDD ;A;;;;; mindfuckeryomgggg

In the afternoon i was sort of dying, a combination of stress, being in costume and my face being a bitch ): But did a quick shoot for Cayo, Min and Janey for their FF13 costumesssss ❤ It wasn’t really proper i just shoved them against a wall so we ttly have to do a proper shoot at some point! ./with everyone else also, since there was a lot more ppl in the group!
Group shot!! <33
Full body shot of Min’s noelllll ;-; lookkkkkkatthatembroideryomgminyourcrazyyyy
Noel and Serahhh <333
Janeyyyy’s serahh <333
Mins Noellll againnnn ❤ Lookitdatdetailllll
Lightning ttly does not approve of this new couple >(

After going back to the hotel quickly ./and stripping out of my costume omg x.o When i took my socks off the tape i used to hold them up took off part of the light fake tan on my legssssss so i had white stripes on both legs OTLLL Afterrr we ran off to see Jill’s Yaoi panel WHICH IS TTLY AMAZING SO IF YOU MISSED IT YOU MUST GO SEE IT NEXT YEAR >DDDDDD

After that we were tired so we all headed back to the hotel room to semi-demakeup and decide what we were going to do for dinner! In the end we headed across the city (again friggin cockroachesdkjndskfgndkfgksfghwsjgndkjfgndkfjngdkfjngdkfjngkfdj)
and had Utopia for dinner in which we ordered waaaayyyy too much food even though we were really hungry xDD Sadly, Mark had to go catch a plane so he couldn’t make it to dinner ;-;
(but its okay we shooped mark in >D )
After dinner we all trekked back to the hotel and stayed up chatting and such c: until we all were crashing and dyinggggggg and fell asleep (;

On the monday morning we were all spazzing about as we needed to pack up and head out of the hotel by midday! We sent ppl on maccas runs and i had actual food for breakfast! ;D Since it was Mel’s second last day in perth, we all headed down to fremantle to show her around! BUT i also got epically sunburnt for the first time in like 2937429347 years so x__x always wear suncreennnn omgggg ;-;;;;;; But it was really fun standing on the beach and running around Freo, since i saw some stuff i hadn’t seen before! We went to Cicerello’s for lunch then did more wandering!

After that we went to kings parkkkkk and it was so nice and lovely ❤ After that we went back into the city and had dinner at Tony roma’s ❤ I was ttly out of it by then but the food was really good!!
After dinner it was time to say goodbye to Mel as i wouldn’t see her the next day  ;-;;;;;; Mellll come back to perth plzzz ❤ It was awesome meeting youuuuuu (: And then goodbyes to everyone else ❤

I really had such an amazing con experience ;-; So Thank you to everyone who made it so so awesome <333
Min, Janey, Mel, Ash, Jill, Giorgia, Wilson, Mark, Leon, the rest of the media team, Karina (esp for sewing up the hole in my lining, thankyouuu ❤ ), Nikki, Sharlie, Cayo, Nimue, Ewan, and omg if i’ve forgotten anyone else ilu too guys <333333


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