Pokemon Black/White: N and Touko

Sharlie as Touko
Millie as N
Min as saikang + Help with edits ❤

Edit by Min
It was so lovely to be able to shoot with Millie and Sharlie again! Especially as they where the people i did my first ever shoot with ❤ Love you guys sooo much!

Edit by Min, Omg sharlie stop being so pretty plz ;A; ./sob

So this shoot occurred on the Sunday of Perth Oz comic-con, except i didn’t actually want to go to the con; I just went so i could do a shoot with these guys and hang out with some of my friends ❤


Firstly i started off with Sharlie outside of PCEC while Millie was still in the convention doing things.  We “borrowed” a milk crate that we saw lying around and took some photos ❤


Later Millie joined us and we headed over to the area where we shot macross, noiz etc.. (getting a bit overused now ): will have to find a new place to shoot with nice buildings!)

Edit by Min
We were approached by a security guard as usual, but luckily he didn’t kick us out but didn’t want us to hang around too long, hence we didn’t shoot for a really long time (:

Hair flippingggg ❤ ./thanks Millie for flipping and being patient with me for this shot!! ❤

cutiessssssss ;A; ./sob

Thank you so much to Ryan who bought us all coffee while we were shooting (that was seriously amazing ilu so much ❤ )

Edit by Min
More flipping ❤ Thanks to sharlie this time c:

Millieeee your face ❤

Some more of Millie’s antics during the shoot xD
(´ε` )♡


Millie: I’m a tree hugger!
Everyone: Millie… it’s a pole D:

Fixing wigs!
Hopefully i am able to shoot with these lovely ppl again sometime soon! It was heaps of fun so thanks so much guys! ❤
(Obligatory camwhore shot) Thanks to everyone who came by and watched / helped out also! ❤

Cate (ノ´▽`)ノ♪


3 responses

  1. Maria Quezada

    Wow these pictures are so beautiful! I love them.

    I know it may seem sudden, but I was wondering if you would give permission to use the first picture of N? I really want to use it for a story of mine. I’ll be sure to credit and link you the site I would use it for.

    May 16, 2013 at 6:26 pm

  2. Maria Quezada

    Thank you so much!!

    May 17, 2013 at 11:19 am

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